About us

Behind this Study Sexology site you find us, Sexpo. We have been training new generations of sexologists and sex educators for 50 years. Before introducing our team, we want to quickly time travel backwards with you so you are on board. Our tale dates back to late sixties when the existing sexual politics inspired the founding of an association, which later became today's Sexpo Foundation. One of our first members was Tarja Halonen, who served as the 11th president of Finland, and the first woman to hold the position, from 2000 to 2012. What a great start, right?

Sexpo works for sexual freedom, equality and the realisation of sexual rights 

Today, Sexpo Foundation owns a social enterprise Sexpo Services Ltd. Our company is the leading training organisation on sexology in Finland. When you study at Sexpo, you do social good. As a social enterprise we are committed to do business in an ethical way, which is why we direct the majority of our profits to fund our social programs, such as our free sexuality advising as well as our Prevention Project in Finland. 

This Study Sexology site is part of Sexpo's international brand. Consider us as Sexpo's little international sibling - the same company with a new site and web store. We are confident on our vast experience in providing professional training, consulting and supervision. Relationships, sexuality and therapeutic framework are part of our fields of expertise. Here we are, ready to internationalize it all. As of now you have a clearer picture on what we do and what we value, it is time to introduce you to our amazing team below.


Meet the team behind Study Sexology

 Tommi Paalanen

Tommi Paalanen
Executive Director

D.Soc.Sci., MA, Philosopher
Specialist in Sexual Ethics and Rights

 I am an international consultant in sexual ethics and rights. In Sexpo I work with sexual politics, and international networking. I am also one of the founders of the Finnish Federation for Sexology. Other areas of interest: diversity of sexuality, gender and relationships, sexual culture, sex positivity, commercial sex, sex work and pornography.


 Tiina Vilponen

Tiina Vilponen
Head of Relationship Therapy Center

M.Th., Specialist in Marketing Communications, Clinical Sexologist (NACS), Sexuality Educator and Sexual Health Promoter (NACS), NLP Practitioner

I am specialised in clinical sexology and health communications. In Sexpo I work as the Head of Relationship Therapy Center. I also do training, therapy and mentoring. I am one of the founders of the Finnish Federation for Sexology and a member of the board in the European Federation of Sexology.


Veera Uusoksa

Veera Uusoksa
Head of Training

Master of Arts (Education), Clinical Sexologist, Bodysex Facilitator, Solution Focused Therapist

At Sexpo I am responsible for the implementation, quality and development of Sexpo's trainings. I also work as a therapist at Sexpo's Relationship Therapy Center. Special interest: pleasure focused therapy, healing sexuality & trauma, non-monogamy, diversity, sexual history.


 Krista Nurminen
Krista Nurminen

International Project Coordinator

BA in Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Arts, Sexuality Advisor and Counsellor

Hi there! As the international project coordinator, I am here to foster Sexpo’s sexology programmes and courses' international growth. I am the one keeping this web store and our e-learning platform up to date. My academic background is in humanities, business and sexology. I have BA in Peace and Conflict Studies and MA in African Studies and have conducted thesis field research in Zambia and Senegal with the focus on sexological questions. Besides my current role, I am also a sexuality counsellor as well as the vice-chairperson and founder of the Finnish Federation for Sexology. My driving force is a never-ending passion of learning, whether it is from other people or a new study programme.

If you are interested in collaborating internationally with Sexpo, I am the right person to get in touch with!


 Leena Vuorenmaa

Leena Vuorenmaa
Head of Communications

MA in Communications and English, Digital communications

Vast experience on both external and internal communications, international communication and relations, media relations, etc. I have worked on communications for almost 20 years, mainly in NGOs and third sector.


Johanna Kotaniemi

Johanna Kotaniemi
Educational Planning and Administration

Master of Economic Sciences (M.Sc.) major in Marketing, Sexuality Advisor, Solution-Focused Brief Therapist (09/2023)

My days include practical tasks related to Sexpo's Finnish trainings, training communication and marketing, ideation, planning and implementation of local training events, and the organization of support activities related to any of our trainings. In the field of sexology, I am particularly interested in the following themes: sexual desire, body image and body relationship challenges, and the diversity of human relationships.


Olga Kukkonen

Olga Kukkonen
Administrative and financial planner 

MSc, Accountant, Business consultant

My job includes analysing and reporting on financial performance, preparing budgets, raising funds and process development. I am fascinated by business planning and internationalisation. I like versatile tasks where I can make a difference myself.