Safer space

On this page, we outline our principles that we hope our students will commit to. In Sexpo's events and online platforms every participant should be treated equally and respectfully with kindness and compassion. All forms of harassment, homofobia, transphobia, racism, ableism and any other form of discrimination are prohibited. We welcome you to come as you are.

If you see any behaviour that goes against our principles, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We are constantly striving to make our work safer and more inclusive. We would love to hear your feedback and wishes too.

Sexpo's values ​​are based on sexual rights and equality. Sexpo promotes sexual freedom and well-being and collaborates across professions, disciplines and social compartments. We invite different professionals and students, social activists, activists, organisations and companies who share our values ​​and goals to study with us. People from all backgrounds are needed to achieve the goals of sexual rights and equality!

Equality and inclusion

Sexual well-being must be accessible to all. Sexologists must take a positive and respectful approach to the diversity of sexuality, gender and interpersonal relationships, and commit themselves to non-discrimination in their work and communication. As inclusiveness is rarely a given in our societies, it requires us to actively pay attention to our ways of speaking, communicating and in the way we offer our services. 

Sex positivity and norm criticism

Sexpo is welcoming to the whole spectrum of sexualities. Sexual activity must always be consensual and respect the boundaries of others. Sexologists should actively question the norms, structures, and practices that are enabling and/or normalizing any form of sexual abuse. Norm criticism also involves critical discussion within the professional field of sexology.

Intersectionality and anti-racism

Sexual well-being is needed everywhere. Sexpo aims to take part in building a more inclusive and safer field of sexology for marginalised groups in particular. Despite the white-washed history and the lack of representation of BIPOC within the field, sexology is not only for white, able-bodied nor highly educated people - we do need all of us to work together in order to attain sexual well-being everywhere.