Study Sexology - Programmes

Professional training in sexology gives you skills to work with sexuality, gender and relationships. Our programmes include sexuality education, counselling and clinical sexology, and training days and intensive courses on a multitude of topics.

Sexpo has 50 years of experience in sexological training. Our approach is based on high professionalism, diversity, sexual rights and sex positivity. We have hundreds of happy students in Finland and we are currently building our popular courses and programmes in English and Swedish too:


Basic Sexology Programme in English (30 ECTS)

After completing Basic Sexology Programme of 30 ECTS one may become a certified sex educator or sexuality advisor. This is equivalent to the first level of training in sexology, which provides you with a professional knowledge base in the different areas of sexuality and gender.

Basic Sexology Programme in Swedish (30 ECTS)

We are currently enrolling new students to our most popular basic sexology course in Swedish.

Clinical Sexology (60 ECTS)

This training programme provides comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and practical skills in clinical sexology. It is designed for professionals working with health and wellbeing like psychologists, medical doctors and therapists. 

Shorter and Customised Trainings

We believe that professionals who keep up their knowledge, give and get better support. Thus we have listened to different professionals' needs and started providing individually tailored training days, programmes, lectures and workshops for one's specific needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you want your team, colleagues, yourself or your class to get a customised training from us.