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Sexpo has 50 years of experience in sexological training. We provide training programmes and customised training for professionals and workplaces. Our approach is based on high professionalism, diversity, sexual rights and sex positivity. Contact us!

Training Programmes

Professional training in sexology gives you skills to work with sexuality, gender and relationships. Our programmes include sexuality education, counselling and clinical sexology, and training days and intensive courses on a multitude of topics.

Highest Standards of Quality

Our trainers are high-level professionals in sexuality and relationships. Sexpo maintains its cutting edge by continuously training its staff and engaging in international professional networking. We want to give you the best there is!

Customised Training

We provide individually tailored training days, programmes, lectures and workshops for your specific needs. Throw us an inquiry with the form below!

Basic Sexology Programme (30 ECTS)

After completing Basic Sexology Programme of 30 ECTS one may become a certified sex educator or sexuality advisor. This is equivalent to the first level of training in sexology, which provides you with a professional knowledge base in the different areas of sexuality and gender. After completing the basic sexology programme it is possible to apply for sexuality counsellor studies if the background education is applicable.

Through this programme we equip our students with the best science-based professional tools and practices that will prepare the basic sexologist to have a professional approach to different themes related to sexuality and gender. The emphasis in this training is to dive deep into each student’s own attitudes and bias within our interpersonal relations to these themes. This method is called Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR), which we believe is an essential framework for every sexologist. The structure of our basic sexology programme studies is in accordance with the Nordic NACS training criteria.